Dido & The Animals Photos from 22nd April

Music Generation Carlow recently held its’ 2nd Little People Big Voices song-show in The George Bernard Shaw in Carlow on 22nd April last.

The song-show featured participating childcare facilities from around the county who take part on a weekly basis in the Little People Big Voices programme through Music Generation Carlow.

Dido & The Animals featured movement and song with the children dressed up as various animals!

The purpose of the Little People Big Voices programme is to encourage and develop a ‘tune-ful, beat-ful and art-ful’ child through music and the medium of play.  It is a 30 week programme facilitated by our MGC Early Years team within the childcare facility and supported by the child-care team and the children’s parents.

We are very much looking forward to next year’s show!

Photos: Mary Hutton
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