Ceol Connected presents The Far Field

 Ceol Connected embarked on a nationwide tour in May with The Far Field, and Music Generation Carlow were invited. 

Many participants from our Early Childhood sector aged from 3-7, enjoyed an irresistibly joyful and spellbinding musical tale, infused with traditional music, puppetry, and folklore.

The Far Field told the story of a farmer who, on one Summer’s day, discovers a magical whistle hidden in a hare’s nest!  Suspecting it belongs to the fairy folk who live at the edge of the farm, the farmer believes that the whistle should be returned to its’ rightful owners and so begins the journey of discovery into the magical world of fairies.

“The otherworldly realm of fairies is brought to life in this musical performance through traditional music for young children, developed and performed by Dr. Thomas Johnston (whistles and song) with Sean McElwain (whistles, guitar and fiddle), and Emma Fisher (puppeteer)

The Far Field, written by Dr. Thomas Johnston, in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre was held on Thursday 11th May 2017

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