Carlow Young Creatives Day 3-7

What a journey Week 1 has been for the Carlow Young Creatives!

Since we last updated you the progress and development of the participants musicianship has been really amazing.  5 bands emerged from Week 1 and have recorded their first tracks, even finding time to shoot a music video for their tracks with Cheylene Murphy from Wall2Wall Music.

The five bands are:

Hot Contents, Reading Light, The U.M.Os, Unsolved and The Sw1tch.

The participants met with producers Rocky O’Reilly and Ryan McBrearty last Thursday and recorded their material over 2 days on the Friday and Saturday.  This process was really exciting to watch as many of the young participants had never been in a recording studio before yet performed like they had been doing it all of their lives!

Week 2 started with the release of the 5 band tracks to the world with a huge response from the public.  Each track is undeniably radio friendly and it’s clear to see that the members of each group are thrilled with the final results.  All five bands have been busy promoting their tracks online and through social media, earning hit after hit and gaining more views to their videos by the minute.

This project has really opened the students’ minds to the world of music marketing and the work that goes into laying down a track, editing a music video and promoting band image on social forums and to the wider public.

After two rest days last Sunday and Monday now the rehearsals commence for the live Carlow Young Creatives gig this Sunday 14th August.

But first there are radio interviews, film crews to greet and final checks before the LIVE performance of all band tracks this Sunday 14th August @ 7pm in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre here in Carlow.  Tickets are still available from the theatre box office by calling 059-9172400.

It’s been an intense but immensely rewarding journey so far for the Carlow Young Creatives…. stay tuned for more updates over the coming week.


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