MGC Launches Exciting New Scholarship Schemes!!!!

MGC is delighted to launch our three new exciting scholarship schemes!

These schemes will offer young people around the county the opportunity to avail of these new initiatives to enhance their musical education!

Please download a form below and return to Music Generation Carlow (address on form) if your child is interested in applying for any of these three schemes.


The Young Composers Club- 14-18 years

Young Composers’ Scheme Application Form

Young Composers Scheme (97-2003 doc)

The first scheme is entitled The Young Composers Club and is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 18 years.  This club will focus on opening the eyes of young people to the world of composition and music technology where they will learn to create, perform and be part of something extraordinary!  The Young Composer’s Club will work in conjunction with The Outstanding Young Musician’s Club


The Outstanding Young Musicians Club-12-18 years

Outstanding Young Musician Scholarship Application Form

Outstanding Young Musician scholarship (97-2003 doc)

This initiative focuses on performance with a view to further mastering their chosen instrument.  It will aim to help young people meet the cost of lessons, to open up master-class opportunities with professional musicians and a chance to reach their full musical potential in a fun and exciting way.  This initiative will work in conjunction with The Young Composer’s Club.


The Bursary Scheme -10-18 years

Young Musician’s Bursary Scheme Application Form

Young Musicians Bursary Scheme (97-2003 doc)

The Bursary Scheme will focus on children and young people who are at the beginning of their musical journey.  It will offer them a chance to develop their skills by defraying the cost of music lessons.