SPERANZA: Collaboration between Irish Composer Linda Buckley & the TY Students of Borris VS

The students of Borris Vocational School finally had the chance to perform and showcase their greatly anticipated composition entitled ‘Speranza’ on 20th December 2013 in VISUAL Carlow.  The event was a very special occasion, not only for the students of Borris VS but also for Music Generation Carlow, Carlow Local Authorities Arts Office and VISUAL Carlow which saw a culmination of the hard work and dedication of all the TY students involved in the project, as well as that of their renowned Irish composing mentor Linda Buckley.

Speranza (meaning ‘Hope’ in Italian) is a piece of music composed by Linda Buckley and the Music Generation Carlow TY students of Borris Vocational School in response to Janet Cardiff’s 40-Part Motet, which is currently installed in VISUAL Carlow.  The installation has been an enormous success with visitors to VISUAL and indeed art lovers all around the county or the past few months.  Speranza is a powerful piece of choral writing that immerses the listener in a multi-layered sound-space, bringing them on an emotional journey from despair through to hope and light.  The students wished to create a piece that reflected the world they live in today and this is achieved appropriately during the various contrasting sections of the 4-part work.

The students decided on the theme of the piece themselves and they worked closely with Linda to bring the piece together during a series of workshops and indeed during their regular Music Generation classes with vocal practitioner and Music Generation Carlow musician Aideen Byrne. Each section of the piece differs from the previous one and climaxes to a glorious polyphonic wall of sound in the final section.

Special thanks to Carlow Local Authorities Arts Office and VISUAL Carlow who are funding and commissioning this project in association with Music Generation Carlow.

Speranza will be performed in its’ entirety again on 16th January 2014 in Borris House, Carlow @ 5pm.